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Ampion is born:
a strategic brand story

This in-depth brand communications project followed the merger of two industry leaders, resulting in a new name and identity, value proposition, company website, and more.  


The challenge

The merger of two respected companies into a new entity presents a range of communications and branding challenges that must be met with a considered, strategic approach. Most important of all is presenting a consolidated and consistent message that excites and inspires the market, in addition to employees and partners.  

Bang was approached to help manage this transition for leading Australia software testing firm Revolution IT, and Shelde, the market leading Australian cyber security business. These two businesses were combining following private equity investment, in order to create new operating efficiencies and a competitive advantage, while offering joint clients reduced complexity and a better customer experience.

The merged company required an entirely new strategic brand positioning. We needed to communicate to stakeholders internally and externally, capturing the combined value, and then taking this new brand story to market in a clear and compelling fashion.



The beauty of working with two well-respected and award-winning industry leaders like Shelde and Revolution IT is that they already have a strong pedigree in the market. However, to tell a new brand story, the right processes must be followed.

Bang set to work, interviewing, researching, and working closely with the leaders of both businesses to craft a new strategic foundation with branding and communications pieces that would set the right tone for the new combined entity.

Brand strategy included the development of a new core value proposition, complete with value pillars and a key messaging matrix, a brand positioning statement (“engineering continuous evolution”), plus a new umbrella brand architecture to allow for future growth. We also used Bang’s brand archetypes methodology to uncover the right tone of voice and personality for the combined business and developed the communications strategy including persona development and mapping, a messaging matrix, and a communications plan.

Following this Bang created a new name and brand identity and visualisation, mapping to the new architecture and agreed brand archetypes. It was at this point, Ampion was born!

The new brand name, identity and logo is based on the positioning of an expert provider of specialist technology services in the Australian marketplace. The name Ampion implies confidence, stability, energy, and expertise. Phonetically, it is a unique sounding name, touching on the new company’s heritage as technology leaders while looking to the future with a positive sense of momentum.  The foundation of the new Ampion logo stems from binary code, derived from and inspired by the shapes that the two numbers, 0 and 1, produce. Using a circular grid to create harmonious geometric lines, the logo represents stability and continuous evolution.

Ampion branded mobile screen, business cards, letterheads and other designs.
Ampion branded letterheads, brochures and booklets
Ampion branded laptop screen and Mac screen with tagline "Engineering Continuous Evolution" displayed


The final elements of the program were the development of a new company website, in addition to sales and marketing collateral, and an employee-facing Ampion brand book.

The new brand name, look and feel, and communications assets have all been met with positive feedback from the full spectrum of Ampion stakeholders. That includes good coverage in industry news, through to great reactions from the executive team and company board, and perhaps most importantly, positive feedback from employees, industry partners, and clients!  

As Ampion forges ahead into a new era, the business is well poised to evolve its brand. Armed with its new brand positioning statement “Engineering Continuous Evolution”, Ampion is well set to do what it does best: helping customers achieve their key strategic goals, while also helping them redefine what success looks like at every stage of their continuing journey.

Bang has been instrumental in helping us get to the finish line in a winning position with this comprehensive rebranding project. We’re really happy with our new name, while clients, staff and industry partners love the fresh new look too. Here’s to the next phase of our evolution.

Jamie Duffield, CEO, Ampion


Brand / Strategy / Website / UX & UI / Design / Content / Development


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