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For many years we described ourselves as a B2B agency, focussed on business-to-business marketing. But we never really felt comfortable with that, because businesses are not faceless entities. They’re made up of people. And to win people over you can’t just list your product specs. You have to make personal connection.

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Business-to-people is different. It makes an emotional connection with the audience. And what better way to prove that point, than by
turning the B2P theory itself into an unforgettable experience.

The Solution

People love new experiences and pleasant surprises, so we built something special to send to our clients. There’s nothing quite like receiving a beautifully presented package at your desk, in the middle of the day, just when you needed a little diversion – and this one arrived hand delivered, bound, coated, stitched and full of intrigue.

The Process

The trail of experience led to our landing page where people could share their most sinful B2B faux pas – a time when they’d treated their audience as anything but a real person. (And the other thing people love, the opportunity to share gossip!) A simple registration form allowed people to register their details for a ‘one-on-one confession’ with our management team, or simply browse through the new ‘Digital Playbook’. The website connected people with our management team via LinkedIn and Facebook. The campaign let people feel what it’s like to run a successful B2P campaign.

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THE Results

This campaign delivered a solid new business pipeline for Bang – with 15% engagement with targets and four new accounts directly attributed.

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