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When Beyond CRM was ready to take their business in an exciting new direction, Bang worked closely with them to highlight their brand and create a website that both matches their ambitions and speaks clearly to their audience.

The Challenge

Beyond CRM is a Microsoft partner who came to Bang for a conceptual redesign of their site. This was no ordinary site redesign but rather a new site that was going to be able to reflect their new business direction.

They had decided to lead their business in a completely new direction targeting SMBs rather than medium to large companies. Additionally, they decided to focus on delivering simple and easy-to-use CRM technologies as opposed to the end-to-end IT solutions.

This new business direction meant not only was their existing website out-dated and no longer a true reflection of their business but there was also a need to re-position their brand to resonate with their new endeavours.

In essence, there were two elements to the project. The first was defining and unifying the brand and its message. The second was bringing Beyond CRM’s visual identity into the new era with a modern website that represented their new brand foundations and connected more with their audience.

Screenshot of Beyond CRM website on tablet device

THE solution

Rather than just delving straight into redesign, we needed to go back to the basics. We worked collaboratively with the Beyond CRM team to help redefine the brand and set the tone moving forward. This process involved interviews with key internal stakeholders, research, and an archetype survey distributed to staff.

We presented the findings in a Brand Foundations Workshop. It was here that we discovered Beyond CRM to be not only supportive and honest, but also capable of producing valuable outcomes for their customers. These qualities make them a combination of 3 archetypes: “The Everyman”, “The Magician” and “The Ruler”.

These archetypes served as a foundation for the tone and visual components of the new brand. Our Studio developed an exciting and modern logo with a more vibrant colour palette. The brand refresh was designed to better visually represent the ‘new’ Beyond CRM.

Our Studio designed and built the new (what we like to call) ‘engagement platform’. They tried to reflect the archetypal characteristics through tone and imagery whilst using the new brand foundations for visual appeal. We worked closely with Beyond CRM to get all the elements correct, ensuring we produced a site that better reflects their business.

man using Beyond CRM website on his laptop device

The results

Beyond CRM launched their new site that was not only modern and up-to-date, but also effectively depicts their newly-developed brand identity. We loved working with Beyond CRM to identify their brand’s personality and character and helping them to bring that through in their design.


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