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Generating awareness & leads with a strategic mix of content, creative and audience insights.

Working with AWS partner, DNX Solutions, Bang delivers strong results in brand awareness and lead generation, applying a mix of strategic content and audience targeting along with standout creative work and collaborative campaign management.

The Challenge

DNX Solutions is a fast-growing, highly regarded Australian AWS Advanced Partner. Founded in 2018, the cloud-native company had experienced rapid growth with successful engagements helping their clients develop better software closely following the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

While customer engagements were in full swing and driven by word-of-mouth recommendations, the company was keen to increase its existing brand awareness even further. Given Bang’s expertise supporting AWS in ANZ across multiple marketing programs, DNX Solutions approached the Bang team for assistance. The goal was to create and manage a marketing campaign to help increase awareness and authority of DNX Solutions in the market, generate leads through compelling content, and drive registrations for a 1:1 consultation.  

THE solution

Bang’s campaign strategy for DNX Solutions centred around the creation of 2 high value content pieces with strong insights, tips, and recommendations in line with DNX Solutions’ areas of expertise. Social media ads on LinkedIn would help drive prospects to the content, supported by a range of digital marketing tactics to nurture the audience along the engagement journey. 

Bang set to work researching and suggesting topics, interviewing DNX Solutions subject matter experts, then writing and designing 2 guides along with corresponding ads and landing pages. The content pieces chosen were designed to create impact and generate interest for the target audience.

Once the content was complete and advertising activities commenced, our digital campaign team ensured we continually optimised the spend. We ran several A/B tests to identify the best performing piece of content and creative matched to the most responsive audience segment measured by a willingness to click and convert. Throughout the campaign, this was a continuous process, providing valuable insights for both this campaign and for DNX Solutions to apply to future campaigns.


Through a combination of well-planned and relevant content, appealing creative design, and considered audience targeting, Bang was able to deliver positive results that exceeded expectations.

Through constant monitoring and optimisations from A/B testing, Bang’s digital campaign team directed the majority of the ad spend on the audience segments that were performing best. This resulted in more than 200 gated asset registrations for the content, resulting in a high 40% conversion rate at a cost of just $46 per marketing qualified lead.

Whilst this activity generated Top of the Funnel (TOFU) leads, the campaign also resulted in 6 Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) leads when retargeted prospects additionally registered for the complimentary health check assessment session with DNX Solutions. Ultimately, the campaign delivered a strong result for everyone involved while promoting a great positioning piece for DNX Solutions.

This campaign aimed to raise awareness of DNX Solutions, and educate the market on our specialised skills and project experience. We also wanted to reach a wider new audience and start conversations with businesses that fit our ideal customer profile. Bang absolutely delivered on all of the above. We were particularly impressed with Bang’s custom approach to developing strong content, their creative work, their attentive project management and continual optimisations, and their astute approach to data-driven audience profiling and targeting. We look forward to more projects with the Bang team!

Alex Da Silva, Head of Growth Marketing, DNX Solutions