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how to make it easy for franchises to
maintain the brand

People build homes, not houses. So this campaign focuses on enjoying life in a bright new home. In the back end, it’s driven by a clever dashboard that lets 50 franchisees roll out branded materials in a flash.

The Challenge

There were two parts to this brand challenge. First the G.J. Gardner Homes brand had to resonate with customers – ordinary people dreaming about building a home.

Second, it had to be super easy to work within brand guidelines. G.J. is a national business of 50 locally owned franchises. Each office needed the ability to roll out marketing materials quickly, while still maintaining the integrity of the brand.

THE solution

First of all, we took things back to B2P basics – good brands make an emotional connection with real people. So with images of family celebrations and kids building a cubby house, we invited customers to ‘Imagine Your Home’. The brand offers an island of imagination in a sea of competitors who focus on the technical aspects of building.

And we’re just as excited about the way the franchisees use the brand.

We developed an online portal where they can personalise branded material like advertising and signage. The model uses a simple dashboard interface for editing, and tracks the campaign with real-time reporting.

It’s a great tool for any business that needs to roll out branded collateral in a flash – we call it the Bang Express Model.

The Process

The G.J. Gardner brand had to serve 50 different franchisees who were operating in 50 different local markets without a strong overarching identity. We talked with individual franchisees to get down to the core values shared by all G.J. Gardner offices. It was a knotty problem because the offices offer diverse services – a great home design in Orange is very different from one on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Then we realised that this diversity was the key to the brand. It showed the in-depth local knowledge of each office and a commitment to working collaboratively on homes tailor-made for each client. Add to that the shared emphasis on quality and reliability and bingo! We had a brand foundation.

woman and daughter happily baking in the kitchen


Once the brand was in place, Bang developed the online campaign dashboard, and stocked it with 80 collateral templates including print and online ads, signage, point-of-sale material and press releases. We handled the photography, website and marketing across TV, radio, print and online. Check out the TVC here.

After 12 months, G.J. Gardner’s number of localised campaigns increased by 300%. In fact it worked so well that it went national – the strategy was expanded from NSW and the ACT to the rest of Australia.


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