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With their brand foundations and engagement platform in place, Nexon was already positioned to deliver “I.T. for the dynamic business.” The next step was rolling out their latest hybrid cloud offering, Nexon ABC.

nexon branded stationery

The Challenge

Nexon started working with us the smart way.

With Bang’s patented Brand Foundations Report (BFR) Nexon could go to market with a clear blueprint for their brand. With the these insights in mind, our studio developed core creative themes around their positioning line, “I.T. for the dynamic business.” And this is where their brand really took shape.

We redeveloped their website to match the dynamism of their brand, setting the scene for customer engagement going forward. But almost as soon as the site went live, it was time to tackle their next brand challenge. Nexon asked for help developing a go-to-market approach for its new fully-managed, high-performance hybrid cloud platform.

But rather than focus on Nexon’s traditional audience of IT managers, the goal was to get the attention of C-Level executives in Sydney.

Nexon website on desktop devices

THE solution

We agreed an exclusive breakfast briefing in Sydney was the best way to generate these new leads and give them the chance to interact with Nexon’s current customers. The event featured speakers from Nexon’s key partner organisations: Microsoft, Cisco & NetApp. To sweeten the deal, Nexon also recruited one of Deloitte’s top Technology Advisory consultants to highlight key ICT trends in the market.

Bang developed campaign creative around making “a smart move,” positioning the new Nexon offering with a simple statement: “Your next Smart Move is easy with ABC (Agile Business Cloud).”

To drive attendance, we targeted a database of C-Level executives by mailing personalised, high-impact invitations, each packaged with a branded notebook. Nexon then followed up each invitation with telemarketing and a series of eDMs that encouraged people visit the campaign microsite, where they could RSVP for the event, watch a video that explained ABC or read the latest case studies.


The campaign was successful on several levels. The combination of a unique creative concept, a clean design, high-quality printing, and the notebook leave-behind helped Nexon deliver a new level of cut-through and impact for the brand.

The breakfast event brought in close to 40 attendees and attracted more than 15 new leads. And with an engaging creative concept, campaign microsite, video and case studies, Nexon also has the assets to continue to promote the Agile Business Cloud with other executives in Australia.

“The IT industry is not always easy to understand. Through the Customer Decision Journey, Bang helped us to define the key benefits for our clients and to develop clear, simple messaging around the four “smart moves” that businesses could take with Nexon’s Agile Business Cloud,” said Roxy Rebillard from Nexon.

Finding a partner was critical for us because ABC would become part of Nexon’s identity. We are very happy with the strategic thinking articulated around our ABC platform and the overall integrated marketing campaign delivered by Bang.

Roxy Rebiller, Marketing, NEXON


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