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How to create a live presentation

Bang teams up with NEXTGEN to deliver an innovative presentation tool that captures the industry’s attention.

The Challenge

Software licensing is a dry and complex subject. NEXTGEN sales reps needed a tool to unravel this complexity in a logical, engaging way, allowing them to quickly access information as it came up in discussion with a client. But more than that, this tool needed to stand alone so clients could access it online, without the guidance of a sales rep.

campaign landing page on tablet device

The Process

Flexibility was an important issue, sales reps have to be able to tailor their presentation to different audiences, so we used multiple entry points to make it easy to skip around. We deployed lots of graphics and icons to inject some visual interest and used NEXTGEN’s colour palette of orange and blue.


We designed a live presentation tool that was slick, clean and visually appealing. It plays out a complicated narrative step by step, with smooth transitions, digestible parcels of text and lots of graphics. It’s a tool that works beautifully in the hands of a sales rep, and is appealing enough to engage clients on their own.

The navigation is a joy to use: each screen is designed to fit beautifully on a tablet, and the content can be accessed by swiping left and right. The registration page is built into the presentation so leads can be registered on the spot.

Throughout development we kept in mind another group of users: the clients themselves. The presentation functions as a microsite, with comprehensive information structured and presented in a logical format, leading to the same registration page used by the reps. We exhaustively tested it on multiple platforms to ensure it would be a pleasure to use on any device a client chose.

campaign landing page on tablet device


We’re proud to announce this presentation tool was awarded Best Distributor Initiative of the Year at the 2014 ARN ICT Industry Awards.


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