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NEXTGEN Group: Providing clarity without sacrificing equity

A new brand and website forged the way for the NEXTGEN Group as it reintroduces itself to the market as unique industry specialists in enterprise software and cloud.

The challenge

After 10 years being recognised primarily as a distribution company, the NEXTGEN Group wanted to refresh and evolve its brand to encapsulate its wider service offerings. A new website would also be needed to support the Group’s next chapter, while a range of communications and branding challenges needed to be met, to ensure the consistency of messaging to the market.

Bang needed to firstly understand each of the NEXTGEN Group company’s business objectives and understand how they interrelate with the overall Group messaging. This needed to be reflected in the designs and content of the website; to deliver the NEXTGEN Group identity and positioning whilst supporting the various business entities. Bang was tasked with evolving the brand and the website whilst staying true to NEXTGEN Group’s distribution heritage. All this to be done within a very tight timeline!

The solution

First, Bang set to work developing a new NEXTGEN Group logo, look and feel, value proposition, and positioning statement (culminating in “Creating Better”). Value propositions were also created for each of the Group’s key companies, business units, and service arms.  

Kicking off the website, Bang ran a card-sorting workshop to capture the key content and structural components for building out the new site’s wireframes and prototypes.

Once the site structure was confirmed, Bang commenced producing the content for the site. The NEXTGEN Group’s website copy reflected its new brand positioning and value propositions, aligning tone of voice and style to portray a holistic and engaging brand that would resonate with the target audience.

Working with colourful new high impact designs, Bang set to work building the website, including engaging UX functionalities with unique and creative ways of displaying content. This worked beautifully in tandem with the designs and copy, ultimately elevating the user experience. Concurrently, Bang also created a teaser video and social media awareness campaign, to generate hype and interest amongst target audiences in Australia, New Zealand and more recently, across Asia Pacific.

the results

The new NEXTGEN Group brand was captured in the development of a new company website, with additional brand assets, such as an internal and external brand book, next in the pipeline.

Reception has been universally positive, with the website and new brand, look and feel resonating strongly with NEXTGEN Group stakeholders as fresh, unique and exciting. This includes great reactions from the executive team and company board, through to the employees themselves, partners and vendors! 

In keeping with their new tagline “Creating Better”, the NEXTGEN Group is now well positioned to be a leading innovator and pioneer in the technology marketplace. The business is poised for significant expansion over the next few years, now well supported by a striking and inspiring new brand and website.

man holding laptop in cybersecurity background with colour blocks around him

“We’re extremely pleased with the work Bang has done to rebrand the NEXTGEN Group, pushing the boundaries while staying true to our envelope-pushing distribution heritage, to position us with flexibility for our next expansion phase. The website is highly engaging, and we’re excited to promote our new brand to market in the spirit of “Creating Better” experiences for everyone in our ecosystem.”

Nick Love, Marketing Manager, NEXTGEN Distribution


Brand / Strategy / Website / UX & UI / Design / Content / Development


Digital / Print / OOH