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Lean meat, organic ingredients and traditional recipes from around the globe – Snag Stand is not your average sausage seller. Bang created a brand that reimagines the humble snag as an ‘artisanal sausage experience’.

snag stand packaging


The poor old sausage is not the poster child for a wholesome diet. But when made with lean meat, carefully sourced ingredients and heritage recipes, they’re a perfectly healthy choice. So with all the sausage-phobia out there, how do you get that message through?

THE solution

Snag Stand reminds us that sausage making is a culinary technique. We designed the brand to celebrate quality and make people feel good about their responsible food choice, not guilty about being naughty. Brand touch points – from the packaging to the menu boards – bring the brand to life and deliver memorable tactile experiences. The Retail Design Management team at Westfield have recognised that the Snag Stand brand sets a high bar in retail branding and gives the business an exciting competitive edge.

snag stand menu

THE Process

Directors Phillip Blanco and Clovis Young had just successfully launched ‘Mad Mex’ in Australia. Because they were creative types with a strong vision for the business, we worked the project as an artistic collaboration, rather than a formal process. We developed the creative concept, name and identity through workshops that refined the look and feel of the brand until it hit the mark on every emotional and rational level.

Once we’d nailed Snag Stand’s personality, Bang developed the design and copy, packaging and collateral, menus, t-shirts, signage and the website.


Bang delivered an entire brand experience that is now being franchised all over Australia.


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