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Boosting national brand awareness within the Spectra Alliance

To establish The Missing Link’s position as Australia’s number one partner for the Spectra Alliance, Bang was engaged to create and execute a digital campaign to boost awareness and generate leads.

The Challenge

As cyber security is an essential component of every business’ success, the market is saturated with providers. A creative approach was required to elevate The Missing Link emphasising their key differentiators and calibre in facilitating the Spectra Alliance.

As a first step, The Missing Link discussed opportunities with NEXTGEN Group’s CyberLAB division, who recommended Bang to produce a creative strategy. This was a unique proposition, as the Spectra Alliance is comprised of four major players in the cyber security industry (Okta, Proofpoint, Netskope and Crowdstrike) and The Missing Link was one of the first to go to market with this partnership.

THE solution

Working in collaboration with The Missing Link, Bang firstly developed a strategic nurture journey for each audience segment against various stages of the decision-making process: from awareness to consideration and through to conversion. Appropriately tiered messaging was deployed, with the aim to educate and nurture, ultimately leading into the engagement phase. By focussing on ‘how to’ address segmented channels, the needs against stages of the funnel and a deep understanding of prospective audiences, this methodology allowed the right content or tool to be served at the right time. 

The creative ideation and execution had a strong colour palette and theme to bring the brand to life via emotive and person-centric creative. To sustain audience engagement, bold colours, engaging copy, and distinctive micro-interactions on the landing page were used.

An industry-leading assessment tool, created by The Missing Link, provided a key point of differentiation, and allowed the audience to engage in a tactical assessment of their own cyber security practice. In conjunction, Bang created bespoke and targeted content that resonated with specific audiences’ journeys and provided The Missing Link with the right cut-through in a crowded marketplace.

Throughout the digital marketing campaign, Bang monitored and optimised media spend as well as the audience journey with modifications across multiple channels, to ensure optimal performance was achieved at all times.

the missing link


This campaign produced high quality leads and asset downloads for The Missing Link with a total cost per lead falling below initial expectations by 73.8% to $266 due to the consistent optimisations made throughout the campaign. This value was also reflected above average click-through and engagement rates at 0.05% to 0.25% above average respectively. 

The brand awareness component produced over 94,000 impressions, a click-through rate of 1.07%, and an average cost per click of $1.91. This increased awareness within the cyber security community raised the profile of The Missing Link and generated the necessary momentum for future campaigns, by establishing their position as a market leader for the Spectra Alliance in Australia. 

the missing link

Bang ran a comprehensive and well-rounded campaign that helped us to achieve our goal. In combining their strengths in creative and digital marketing with our offering, we were able to see the benefits of this campaign and are pleased with the outcome. We thoroughly enjoyed the creative process in the lead up to the campaign and will likely be using the assets developed for many months to come. We would highly recommend Bang as an agency to support any digital marketing endeavour.

Bec Ney, Head of Marketing (Australia), The Missing Link