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Unisson Disability came to Bang for help to communicate clear differentiation in a crowded market by creating a distinct brand name and identity that truly highlighted their offering.

examples of brand designs including corporate brochure, the website across various devices, poster design and branded stationery

The Challenge

Unisson Disability, previously known as Sunshine, is a leading organisation who has always been at the forefront of change, particularly in advocating the interests of people with disability. Unisson came to Bang for help to communicate clear differentiation in a crowded market by creating a distinct brand name and identity that truly highlighted their offering.

Following a drastic shift in direct funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the market for disability services was expected to grow significantly. This change was set to introduce both challenges and opportunities for organisations like Unisson Disability, who have historically relied on block funding and donations to sustain its operations.

Despite being extremely well equipped to meet the growing demands of the scheme, Unisson’s existing competitors and the expected increase of new entrants, including a surge of sole entrepreneurs or specialist providers, cemented the need for Unisson to differentiate itself and effectively take advantage of increasing market opportunities.

various photos showing support workers and clients from Unisson Disability happily working together

THE solution

Much like a picture, a brand’s name and identity is worth a thousand words. From the start it was clear that Unisson’s original brand, Sunshine, struggled to achieve cut through or to articulate their offering. To better reflect their vision, “a world where every person is welcomed,” the name Unisson Disability was created.

The initial goal of Unisson’s brand refresh was to foster long-term organisational loyalty with clients and attract new staff and unite existing employees around a shared identity. Bang worked collaboratively with the Unisson Disability team to help redefine the brand and set the tone moving forward.

As a part of the Brand Foundations process Bang conducted interviews with key internal stakeholders and distributed an archetype survey to numerous staff members. From this, Unisson’s story could be brought to life and ensure that a clear, consistent and captivating brand identity was established.

The Bang Studio team designed and built the new (what Bang likes to call) ‘engagement platform’. The purpose of this is to to reflect the archetypal characteristics of the brand through tone and imagery whilst using the new brand identity for visual appeal. This involved working very closely with Unisson to get all the elements correct, ensuring the production of their website and a number of brand assets (including brochures, business cards, newsletters and presentation decks) enabled Unisson to clearly articulate its long- term value for people with disabilities and the people who care for them.

Branded poster designs


Unisson launched their new brand with a clear depiction of who they are and what they have to offer. As a result, their business has completely transformed to become a well-established brand in a crowded market. Working with an organisation like Unisson is extremely rewarding, the entire Bang team enjoyed working through the brand refresh process with Unisson’s key stakeholders, to correctly identify the brand’s personality and character and helping them to bring that through in their design and strategic direction moving forward.

Bang’s strategic and creative approach ensured our rebrand was a success. Equally as important their guidance with regards to our stakeholder engagement was tenacious and thorough. The team quickly understood our challenges and were responsive to developing strategies to work with us to overcome them. The key foundation to all of this success was the superior project management skills from the Bang team. Put simply they know what they are doing and nail it every time.

Katrina Jackson, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Unisson Disability


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