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A Wiiser way to sell

Discover how an interactive portal is helping facilitate the sale of Wiise, clever business software created by KPMG, built on Microsoft and supported by Commonwealth Bank.

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A tri-partnership between KPMG Australia, Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank resulted in the launch of Wiise, a clever new business software that manages accounting, payroll and banking, HR, inventory and supply chain all in one place.

Launching a new product and/or brand comes with an array of challenges - who to target, what to say, how to position it, how to train people to sell it…the list goes on. As part of their partnership with KPMG and Commonwealth Bank, Microsoft approached Bang with an idea to resolve many of the aforementioned issues. They requested the development of an online portal for channel partners as a learning tool to sell the Wiise offering.

With the development of such a tool, it was also necessary to determine what would incentivise Channel Partners to use and engage with the partner portal and what tools and assessment mechanisms would qualify them as fully certified Wiise specialists.

Additionally, the Wiise project presented its own challenges around achieving cut through with potential users and helping partners communicate its relevance and benefits. Targeting small to medium-sized businesses as the end-user, many of which are successful but often time poor, it was soon discovered that it was not about teaching these customers about something new.

The communication had to focus on channel partners tapping into their customers’ existing pain points and educating them about how business operations could improve. It was important for the channel to understand the level of frustration experienced by their customers, truly recognise and be able to identify how Wiise can solve their issues and be able to communicate why it is the right solution for a small to medium-sized business looking to grow.

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Bang developed a destination for channel partner employees to learn the Wiise selling proposition via a Q&A style engagement, which enabled them to obtain one of three levels of accreditation. The three levels of accreditation are focused on obtaining different selling skills including:

Once a partner completes all the modules in a learning track they’re able to download sales collateral to support each part of the sales process, ultimately building up their “Wiise Sales Kit”. After completing all three learning tracks and obtaining full accreditation, partners receive their “Wiise Badge” which qualifies them as a Certified Wiise Specialist.

Level 1 - The ability to have a conversation about Wiise.
Level 2 - How to sell Wiise.
Level 3 - How to close a Wiise deal.

The portal also features a reporting dashboard filtering everything from the number of partners, certification level and other key insights which has given Microsoft the ability to monitor partner progress, assess their activity and follow up partners who have stalled or become inactive.

Not only does the portal offer education, training and reporting capabilities but it also equips all partners with the same set of clear and consistent messages to take to market. Partners can use the sales collateral obtained from each level to inform every conversation they have with prospects, meaning that each business is exposed to the same set of messages, benefits and features of Wiise.


Time well spent for everyone involved. Bang delivered a single place for all partners to visit to learn how to sell Wiise. They are continuing to use the portal to gain their Wiise Specialist Certification, often sharing their Wiise Certified Specialist badges with their social and business networks for everyone to see. Partners conclude their training feeling informed, confident and proud.

The portal is exactly what we imagined it to be - it looks good, it's easy to navigate and the time investment has been deemed worthwhile by all partners engaging with the platform. The suite of tools and resources we've been able to deliver through the partner portal has been instrumental in developing a strong sales and partner community, as well as increasing brand awareness and knowledge in the market.

Emma Tomlin, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

It's extremely important to be able to sell the value proposition of Wiise to partners, our unique selling points and the benefits for customers. In doing so, you need to create an 'experience' to effectively communicate these messages. The portal developed by Bang offers just that. It's more than just about sales. It's a platform of learning and development that helps introduce partners to the brand, the customers' needs and why it's important for businesses of all shapes and sizes to consider.

Maya Srebro, Product Marketing Manager, Wiise

The training portal has made it easy for our channel partners to sell Wiise. With an educated and upskilled partner community, we were able to launch into the market rapidly and successfully with a level of trust instilled from the training portal. The platform has equipped partners with an in-depth knowledge of the product which is continuing to foster the growth and success of Rhipe as a distributor of Wiise.

Warren Nolan, Chief Commercial Officer, Rhipe


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