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When Phil Patelis, Angus Mansfield and Josh Niland left their corporate jobs to start up XCentral, they had a vision for their new enterprise: to deliver IT with simple effectiveness, so it transforms organisations and the people who work in them.

Xcentral branded stationery

The Challenge

XCentral came to us for a new logo and brand identity to invigorate their business. Their existing brand focussed on the simplicity of their solutions and the approachability of their people. But, after eight years in business, customers still only identified the brand with the three original owners. It was time to develop an all-inclusive brand that repositioned XCentral as a group of innovative experts who could transform they way people use IT.

man using Xcentral website on a laptop device


We found XCentral’s essence in the feelings of dynamism, mobility and tech-savvy simplicity it created for its clients. We developed a brand, logo and website that sparkle with the same digital magic, and perfectly match the company.

The Process

The team at XCentral are technically brilliant, but they were not used to thinking creatively about their brand. We workshopped with archetypes and the business-to-people model to generate creative insights, asking triggering questions like 'if your brand was a holiday, where would it be and what kind of experiences would you be having?’

We also spoke to their customers and it was a client comment that contributed the kernel of the XCentral brand: ‘they just make it all work like magic’. It revealed the classic Magician archetype. From here we developed an identity around the transformative powers of XCentral’s expertise.

The logo reinforces the theme using a multifaceted crystal, refracting rainbows and light. In line with the mobile-enabling technology they offer clients, the mobile responsive site scales seamlessly to any device and offers clients online tools like remote-desktop trouble-shooting and payment integration.

Xcentral concept mock up and tagline. When you need it on demand 24/7 it just happens.


XCentral won the prestigious Microsoft 2013 ‘Small Business Partner of the Year’, an impressive accolade for a small business in a national field of 200 nominations.

Since winning the award, we've had lots of very positive feedback on the logo, website and whole brand identity. It's enabled us to take the business to a new and very exciting place.

phil patelis, director, xcentral


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