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What is Sustainable Marketing? Bang’s interview with the Sunny Side Up podcast.

Bang’s managing director Scott Caulfield recently appeared as a guest on the excellent B2B Marketing and Sales podcast, Sunny Side Up.

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Will the road back be the road less travelled?

It’s ironic how relevant the phrase “the road less travelled” has become in today’s world. With businesses and individuals working through the complexities that COVID-19 has brought, we are now eager to travel down that road, to a new normal. Question is, what will that look like?

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Creativity x Data

Creativity is a cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. With data playing an increasingly important role in defining marketing strategy and providing customer insight, how can we best utilise the minds and habits of humans to improve and evolve our marketing strategy and tactics?   

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How to embrace empathy and ambiguity in a crisis

The COVID-19 crisis affects every person on the planet in some way or another. And the lived experience ranges across the whole spectrum of emotion. As marketers, now more than ever, we need to take into consideration the humanness of our audience and embrace the ambiguity.

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Use data to navigate through uncertain times

Often the traditional modus operandi during times of crisis and economic uncertainty has been to cut marketing and advertising budgets. This initial reactive response was seen as prudent and good business practice. Yet this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

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Making sense of marketing in a world turned upside down

During the uncertainty and disruption brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we’re all facing unprecedented challenges. Of course, the marketing world is no different.

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How To Generate B2B Leads With Conversational Marketing

Today, in the B2C space, it’s very easy to get information about a product, to compare different brands, to read reviews and value propositions, and read about cultures. With easy research, we can find all we want to know, and the buying process is just a normal consequence.

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