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AIM Speaks Volumes

The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) wanted a new direction for a brighter future, to help them write the next chapter as Australia’s premier music and performing arts institution.

Creative concept lock up with tagline, Speaks Volumes.

The Challenge

As the largest music and performing arts school in the country, the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) is a recognisable and established brand in the tertiary education space and within the music industry. However, as competition for higher education in music and performing arts has intensified in the last few years, AIM was finding it a greater challenge to obtain positive share of voice and presence within the wider market.

With a strong reputation as an industry leader already on their side, Bang was looking for a way to leverage AIM’s excellence to build brand equity. The goal was to strengthen brand awareness and recognition, not only among those in the music industry but also to wider relevant networks.

AIM was looking to be an educator of choice for the most talented students from around Australia and the world, so it was up to Bang to find out how to communicate their world-class suite of courses, industry leading teachers and practical and rigorous course offering that prepares students for a long career in the music industry.

THE solution

To help bring their new brand to light and reintroduce their world-class music and creative arts organisation to the market, Bang delivered an exciting brand refresh which included engaging AIM in the Brand Foundation process, developing a Value Proposition and redesigning an array of brand assets. Utilising an intensive process to uncover the future of AIM as an organisation and brand was the most efficient and effective way to uncover who they were and decide what needed to change to align with future aspirations.

With Bang’s Brand Foundations Report (BFR) AIM could go to market with a clear and well aligned brand identity that they believed in. Invaluable insight was also gained from students, because it was important to find out if those who were experiencing AIM’s service offering were receiving the intended experience and what was important to them when choosing an education provider. With these insights in mind, Bang’s studio team developed core creative themes around the positioning line, ‘Speak Volumes.’ And this is where the brand really took shape. Bang redesigned their website to match the identity of their renewed brand, setting the scene for current and future customer engagement and ultimately helping AIM to find a voice that will speak volumes and achieve cut through.

Poster design concepts for the new brand


With a suite of resources and a renewed sense of brand identity, AIM is now looking ahead to a brighter future in which its profile in the marketplace matches its strength in delivering quality music education programs. The organisation now has a strong sense of self to offer and inspire current and prospective students, both in Australia and abroad. As a result, prospective students are better able to understand what they offer and why they should choose AIM.

Following the collaboration with Bang, AIM is where it needs to be. We’re a leader in the industry and our branding should reflect this. We now have a clearly defined a brand and as a result prospective students are better able to understand what we offer and why they should choose AIM. Our site also needed to reflect what it’s like to be part of AIM, to prospective students and their families, Bang were able to develop and organise a very complex story, and information into a great customer experience for a number 
of different audiences.

Jerry Siden, Director of Sales & Marketing, AIM


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