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mobile devices and people LOVE SIMPLICITY

IDG tells us that 81% of senior decision makers find it challenging to find trusted content; 57% want to view technical content on mobile devices; and nearly half currently feel restricted by non mobile-optimised sites.

With this campaign we give Cisco customers direct access to the information they need as they travel along their decision journey.

Landing page on tablet device

The Challenge

Like many world-leading organisations, Cisco has developed its website to almost epic proportions. Or challenge with this project was to simplify its Unified Data Centre business play in to an easy-to-access mobile portal.

landing page layouts

The solution

We made the solution easy. A mobile responsive site supported with an integrated campaign, engaging people through direct marketing, search and display marketing. All engagement paths lead prospects to a portal where their key challenges and opportunities are categorised in to five peel away windows. People can quickly get an overview of Cisco’s ‘Data Centre for Tomorrow’ business plan and sign up for more information.

The site is designed to connect people with information along different decision journeys, allowing Cisco to generate qualified sales leads, and nurture clients throughout the purchase process. 


Landing page on tablet device


We’ve built an easy point of access into a complex corner of Cisco’s world. By encouraging people to share the content and their lessons associated with it, we’ve created a community of like-minded people. It’s a great piece of socially-driven marketing, and it meets that essential need of the decision maker: to be able to access credible content, via mobile-friendly devices, whatever stage you’re at in your decision journey.


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