Digital Sense: Developing an intelligent marketing strategy

Using market intelligence enabled Digital Sense to target a combination of net new and partner accounts to strengthen their sales pipeline.

The challenge

In an effort to expand their sales pipeline, Digital Sense came to Bang to see how they could identify a larger number of warm sales leads to increase their revenue within the technology sector. Already with a strong internal sales and marketing effort, the challenge was to identify which key industry verticals would be suitable for lead nurturing and where Digital Sense’s efforts should be placed in their sales outreach and marketing efforts.

The solution

Bang proposed that Digital Sense leverage market intelligence as a way to refine, and prioritise the sales outreach, streamlining the go-to-market strategy. To commence this program, Bang and Digital Sense completed an initial workshop whereby the target criteria was identified, net new accounts were scoped and the topics by which each account would be measured against for intent were developed.

In addition to the above, an engagement tag was placed on the Digital Sense website to monitor which of those target companies were interacting with their digital properties.

With the conjunction of all these elements, the set-up for the data was complete, and all that was left was to initiate the program. 

By providing a dashboard to simplify the extraction of data, Bang enabled Digital Sense to autonomously manage how they actioned the insights. Both parties kept in consistent communication to regularly update and optimise the topics and target accounts, based on the insights gathered. 

The results

The dashboard proved to be very useful for Digital Sense, with six opportunities immediately gathered from target accounts and approximately 650 net new accounts that were analysed for segmentation and targeting through marketing channels.

The market intelligence we received from Bang gave us a clearer perspective on the highest value industry verticals for sales and marketing outreach. It assisted us in bolstering our pipeline and gave our sales team a helpful shortcut to target accounts. I would happily engage Bang to assist us with similar programs in the future and have also referred others to do so.

John McCarthy, Marketing Manager, Digital Sense