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Movement Republic wanted to start up a unique fitness studio introducing an innovative and inclusive alternative to working out. 
To do this, they required Bang to help redefine and redevelop their existing branding.

branded business cards

The Challenge

Movement Republic approached Bang with an initial concept for a new business. They wanted to start up a unique fitness studio introducing an innovative and inclusive alternative to ‘working out’. This new approach to fitness emphasises engaging and eye-opening ways to relearn and rediscover natural movement potential. To get started, they required a cutting-edge brand identity that could represent this new health and fitness concept by redefining and redeveloping their existing branding.

In essence, there were two components for the project. The first was to redefine the brand, create key messaging, and develop a tone of voice capable of changing the conversation around what it means to ‘work out’. The second was to visually represent the redeveloped brand in a way that didn’t reflect the typical ‘look or feel’ of a traditional gym and use this in a roll out of collateral that would support Movement Republic’s launch.

movement republic homepage on laptop device and tshirt design

THE solution

Bang worked closely with Movement Republic to develop and redefine their brand and to set a tone to move forward with. This process involved interviews with key internal stakeholders, desk research on the fitness industry and competitors, and an archetype survey distributed to team members.

We presented our findings and garnered further feedback from key stakeholders, including Movement Republic’s trainers, who were going to form a key part of their offering, in a Brand Foundations Workshop.

In the workshop we discussed brand and communication objectives, revealed our key messaging, findings around the brand personality, and the fact that Movement Republic as a brand was represented by four main brand archetypes: “The Explorer”, “The Magician”, “The Creator” and “The Everyman”. After discussing with the Movement Republic team, these archetypes were refined to two, which then served as the foundation for building a tone and a visual identity for the brand.

Our studio then went on to refresh their logo and brand identity to better reflect the brand foundations and ultimately, the Movement Republic team’s expectations. We used bright vibrant colours and shapes that could be incorporated not only in the logo, but as a creative element in all collateral.

Using the developed brand, we went on to create a landing page and the supporting brand collateral for launch collateral. The landing page and collateral consisted of branded elements and consistent messaging utilising the tone of voice dictated by the archetypes.

visual lock up of graphic devices with human movement including a man leaping forward, a man stretching and a woman jumping


Movement Republic launched a brand that is not only refreshing and eye-catching but also achieves their primary goal of setting them apart from their competitors by depicting their new fitness concept as unique and distinct from the other mainstream fitness options in the market. Bang loved working with Movement Republic in developing their brand personality and bringing their vision of a vibrant and differentiated fitness brand to life.

movement republic posters

Their ability to take my input and combine it with their broad expertise 
was especially satisfying. The result is a brand identity which is intelligent, contemporary, dynamic and has set our company apart from our competition. Our entire collaboration has been consistently professional 
and I would highly encourage businesses to engage with Bang. On all levels, they ‘just get it’.

Ann Charleston, Director, Movement Republic


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