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Building a new website for a complex global professional services business

Working in close collaboration, Bang helps SAI Global Assurance deliver a new website for it’s Assurance division, transforming complexity into a user friendly experience.  


The challenge

SAI Global Assurance is a multinational business services company, offering quality assurance audit and certification, risk management, auditor training, and standards information services.

Each year, SAI Global Assurance delivers more than 125,000 audits and training courses to over 100,000 people across 130 countries. The business approached Bang to help create a new multi-site website from the ground up for its quality assurance and training division - SAI Global Assurance - built to serve the company’s global markets (with the exception of China). 

The preexisting website infrastructure was complex with multiple legacy integrations, while the user interface was not as user friendly as the client wanted it to be. Bang was asked to redesign, simplify and more clearly present a vast amount of technical information and service offerings. This involved building a new digital front end - replacing the older technology architecture which included 11 regional sites, and delivering a new website experience and interface. These elements were supported by a new easy to use content management system (CMS) with integration into SAI Global Assurance’s lead generation and management software.

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The solution

The Bang team set to work auditing existing pages and entering the discovery and planning phase. This began with a content structure review, user journey card sorting workshops, and information architecture workshops. After analysing the collected information and website data, we were able to define which problems needed solving while ensuring we remained in line with SAI Global Assurance’s overall objective.

From the outset, our team worked closely and collaboratively with the SAI Global Assurance project team for all the required upfront planning. This was a rewarding and consultative process for both sides which made the project far more efficient and led to a more seamless and professional end product.

Phased delivery came next, encompassing deployment plans, wireframes, CX and UX-focused design, homepage content, development, and user acceptance testing (UAT). Once again, through close collaboration, an iterative process, and excellent two-way communication, we were able to deliver the phased plan in line with a fairly tight timeframe.

The results

The final result was a complete front end website replacement with a more clear, logical and enhanced user experience. Compared to the previous website, with its less intuitive modules and confusing content navigation paths, the new site is a lot easier to navigate and fulfils its purpose of better delivering content as intended.

Bang was able to enhance the existing SAI Global Assurance brand’s digital presence through the new and improved UI design, by creating in-depth style guides to ensure consistency, fluidity, usability, and accessibility for the website design and for its users. The SAI Global Assurance team was very satisfied with the final product and especially happy about completing production on schedule.

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The process of audit and certification can be daunting enough so we wanted our prospective customers to have a positive first-touch experience. We now have a much more user friendly website which accurately represents our brand and premium service offering. For such a complex project, we were impressed with how it was managed from ideation right through to delivery. Bang was highly collaborative and consultative with our team across all stages of the project, and this has led to a fantastic end result!


Bronwen Vance, Global Head of Digital, SAI Global Assurance


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